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I am a design nerd.  I love talking about it, I love looking at it. I love drawing it out and figuring out each inch. I get butterflies in my stomach on the first day of demo on every project.  I document each moment like its my own kids’ first steps.   I care about the work, and I care about you.

I will design unique and practical solutions to your individual needs.  I believe in educating my clients on ways to achieve dream spaces by introducing you to new products and services,  As much as designers are a solution, Clients are also a resource for ideas and the fruit of our collaboration means we can create one-of-a-kind feature pieces that did not exist before we imagined them together.   

I prefer to shepherd projects from beginning to end and provide my clients with a cohesive design experience that includes project management during bidding and construction to see that every design detail is followed and executed correctly.  But I believe in working with you in the way that fits your comfort level best.  If you want minimal guidance, I can operate as a touchstone resource to check in with during construction on an as needed basis.  I happily collaborate with other industry professionals to successfully navigate the planning and construction process and provide my clients with a superior end product without sacrificing integrity or fairness to vendors and contractors.

My goal as an interior designer is to create beautiful, useful, singular spaces for your home or business. My commitment to customer service and to having an open dialogue with you starts from our first communication and carries through to our last conversation.

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